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The larger live room, and the smaller dry room behind it are adjoined by double glass doors, and also are in view of the vocal booth at the rear of the building. There are also spaces to isolate amplifiers, so we can easily track larger groups simultaneously while maintaining isolation among instruments. If you prefer a looser, more organic recording, we love to track old school, too! See the paragraph about 1950’s=style recording below.

We feature the most exciting collection of vintage and rare instruments of any recording studio in Milwaukee (the whole region, actually!) , and they all work and get used! All of our equipment is included in the basic rate, because we believe that producing a fantastic sound in front of the mic is by far the most important element a great recording demands.

Literal TONS of vintage analog keys (Korg,, Yamaha, Roland, Elka & Crumar synthesizers, Yamaha 415 Electone with Leslie, Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer 200a Electric Piano, Fender Rhodes, Farfisa and more), modern synths and samplers by Kurzweil and Yamaha (and Native Instruments Komplete virtual instruments). Other musical instruments: Baldwin piano, vibraphone, vintage 1973 Fender Telecaster bass, Masterbuilt Fender Telecaster guitar, Toca congas, LP bongos, a Yamaha drum set with different snares, such as Ludwig Supraphonic, to choose from, etc.

Guitar tones are a specialty. We have a a big 1962 Magnatone 460, Fender classic tweed amp from ’54 (Deluxe), a screaming 1942 Gibson EH-150, a 1960 brown Fender Concert, a cool Electromuse from the early 50’s,) etc.

FEATURED AUDIO EQUIPMENT Painstakingly selected no-compromise classic recording equippment featuring a Studer mixing console (24 input), and an SSL 24 Channel ADDA Conversion System. This allows us, after editing and processing, to route 24 channels out to the Studer console, which interfaces with our analog processing gear (EMT compressors, Federal tube compressor, Universal Audio 1176 x 2, Manley optical X 2, Pultec Equalizer, Neumann Mastering EQ, etc.), to create that big, spacious, and powerful sound that only analog mixing can achieve. Other equipment includes Neumann, Ampex, RCA, Otari, EMT, AKG, Manley,, Electro-Voice, Universal Audio, Focusrite,, Audix, Shure, JBL, Beyer, etc. Full list available on request Come see us anytime (by appointment) and see what Milwaukee’s most interesting recording studio has to offer for yourself.

1950’s-STYLE RECORDING!! - Do you have a roots music project, such as traditional country, rockabilly, blues, rhythm & blues, or 1940s - 50s jazz? We can record you in the exact same way they did it in the 1950s, from vintage microphones (RCA, etc.), through a tube mixing console, tube Pultec equalizer, tube Sta-Level compressor, feeding a 1955 tube Ampex 350 tape machine. All of this equipment is maintained to sound as it did when the classic records were cut, and we have the expertise to record & mix your record in one quick, simple step, just like the fifties. It’s all on you to do a great performance, and when you hit the final chord, the record is FINISHED!

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Front Tracking Room


REAR TRACKING ROOM - Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to photograph this room, which features heavy treatment for recording of “dry” vocals and instruments, and also features an isolation (vocal) booth. The room maintains eye contact with both the main tracking room and the control room via double glass doors. It is also wired into our “B” control room, and enables us in many cases to run two sessions simultaneously.

Rear Tracking Room
Your keyboard tries to copy these keyboards. It fails. We got ‘em all for you.

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