We’re getting an EMT 140 stereo plate reverb!

It’s HERE - “Element Of Love” by Gervis Myles on our own S’plat Records!

Bootsy Freakin’ Collins! Man, we are honored and thankful for his support!!!

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We recorded the amazing and beloved Dale Watson, to tape, and it came out fantastically. Here he’s holding our S’plat single “Element of Love”

2 Microphone Session

It was a total pleasure recording Aidan White with my friends The Sweet Sheiks. As the music is early jazz, we tried to get as close as possible to an early sound by recording with just 2 microphones (vintage RCA 44 & 77) through our 50’s RCA tube consoles to our 50’s Ampex 350 tube tape machine. We threw some Pultec EQ on it after the fact and it was done - 3 song EP in 2 hours! Check out Aidan White on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

We recorded Stomata entirely through our 1950’s signal chain and mixed in real time directly to mono tape!
This is a quick and tasty way to get it done if you can lay it down live!

Marina City Live Recording & Video Shoot with Audience

Various Small Fires EP Completed At Milwaukee's National Recording Studio

Milwaukee WI's "The Barrow Band" recorded at National Recording Studios